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Company Profile

Sportspot was established by a few friends who are very passionate about sports and felt our home city Trichy had to develop more in many sports. we observed that Trichy was hugely underserved with sporting goods. we also realized the need to promote sports in Trichy with a modern sports shop where customers should be able to have a look and feel of all the sports products available before making a choice.

Sportspot was thus started as a touch-and-feel sporting goods retail shop in Trichy in November 2012.


Our mission is to be the best sports and fitness specially retail shop in Trichy.

Sportspot will maintain high product quality and offer the best value for money for customers.

Sportspot is committed to promoting sports through sponsorships and team & group discounts too.

Sportspot provides branded sports items and apparels for a variety of games. Sportspot becomes your single point of purchase different sports gears-be it professional or games for pleasure.

Team Sports - Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball, Handball, Hockey.
Individual Sports - Badminton, Tennis, Table Tennis, Running, Skating, Swimming.
Indoor Games - Carrom, Chess, Dart, Board Games.
Shoes and Apparels
Fitness Equipment
Accessories and Trophies

Sportspot features an exclusive collection of all Cricket items for professional cricket. Be it national tournament, district tournament, college/school tournament, clubs or friendly cricket, we provide the best of the cricket gears - bats, balls, helmets, gloves, pads, guards, shoes and apparels of top quality at the best price.

Get in the game with the best ball sports equipment from Sportspot. Be it football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, ping-pong, badminton or other, Sportspot provides you with the best quality gear. You can find great varieties of rackets, bats, balls, shoes and more that will make a huge difference in your contribution to your team and the game.

In sports, It's all about Performance and not fashion. Sportspot offers the best performing shoes and accessories. We are packed with the right gear you need for the perfect game in every sport.

We are Specialized in

To provide Cricket goods and all other games accessories.

Proprietor Profile

  • R. Santhaana Kumar photo
    • Name:
    •   R. Santhaana Kumar
    • Gender:
    •   male
    • Age:
    •   38
    • Education:
    •   MCA
    • Experience in the field of:
    • Year of Experience:
    •   9


  1. Cricket Accessories (Bat
  2. Ball
  3. Gloves
  4. Shoes)
  5. Football Accessories (Leather head
  6. Football
  7. Football Shoe)
  8. Shuttle (Badminton) Accessories
  9. Volleyball Accessories
  10. Basketball Accessories
  11. Swimming Accessories
  12. Sports Shoes
  13. Fitness Equipments
  14. Trophies
  15. Carrom Board Accessories
  16. Chess Accessories
  17. Apparels
  18. Sunglasses (Sports)
  19. Table Tennis Accessories
  20. Tennis Accessories


  1. adidas
  2. MRF
  3. BDM
  4. SS
  5. SG
  6. GM
  7. HEAD
  8. Wilson
  9. Yonex
  10. Carlton
  11. Nivia
  12. STAG
  13. Lycot
  14. speedo


Contact Us


No:29 B, 1st Floor, Roshan's Arcade,
10th Cross, Thillainagar Main Road,
Land Mark: Opp.to. HP Petrol Bunk,
Thillai Nagar, Trichy, 
Tamilnadu,  India - 620018.

For Communication

R. Santhaana Kumar
Phone No: 0431-4030200
Mobile No: 9629903300
Email: mailtosportspot@gmail.com
Website: http://sportspot.in

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