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Kareem Kutty

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Kareem Kutty

Company Profile

Since 1916 our Grandfather Kareemkutty started his Carrer as Railway Kalasi in Trichy Ponmalai Railway. Everybody knows about 108 ambulances and its service to the society. But for the Trichy people, it is “kareem kutty” who is being remembered wherever the emergency occurred and persists.

Whenever & wherever the major accidents happen, Kareem kutty ambulance and Crane will be there the very next moments and 1st Aided will be provided. We saved lot of people without any expectations. We have been doing this ambulance service to this society till date.

"Our native place is Kerala. We came to Trichy from there with our family to survive. In the beginning, We brought vehicle to recover the dead bodies from the accident spot. It was too difficult to see the scattered human organs. Still, We have digested and did our job without any hesitation.

From those days, We have started this free ambulance service. So far, We have seen 47000 accidents. Everybody saying that nobody else in India like us.

Though,We have met so many major accidents, we never forget the fire accident which happened in Srirangam Marriage hall.

We hired other districts ambulance to serve the people who suffered by Kumbakonam fire accident and also by tsunami.

These past life story make our eyes shed the tears! While doing the crane service, We fulfills our financial requirement by giving the Crane,Septic tank cleaning service.
Those who doesn't have provision to preserve dead body in their house, we are providing Private mortuary in our own building with doctor certified and preserving the dead body in minus degree celsius.

We wishes to continue the service for ever.

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  1. 24 Hours Ambulance Service
  2. Crane & Earth Movers
  3. Generator Service
  4. Travels Service
  5. Freezer Box Service
  6. Mobile Ladder
  7. Funeral Vehicle
  8. Sewage Clean Service
  9. Mobile Toilet Service
  10. Mobile Septic Tank Cleaning
  11. Mobile Advertising
  12. Mobile Stages
  13. Mobile Recovery Van
  14. Mortuary Service


  •  Kareem Kutty

  •  Kareem Kutty

  •  Kareem Kutty

  •  Kareem Kutty

  • Mobile Crane Kareem Kutty

    Mobile Crane

  • Ambulance Kareem Kutty


  • Mobile Mortuary Kareem Kutty

    Mobile Mortuary

  • Mobile Final Journey Open Jeep Kareem Kutty

    Mobile Final Journey Open Jeep

  • Mobile Septic Tank Cleaning Kareem Kutty

    Mobile Septic Tank Cleaning

  • Mobile Advertising Kareem Kutty

    Mobile Advertising

Contact Us

Kareem Kutty

No.63, Tanjore Road, TVS Tolgate,
TVS Tolgate, Trichy, 
Tamilnadu,  India - 620020.

For Communication

Phone No: 0431-2400179, 0431-2415409, 0431-2460109
Mobile No: 9443355020, 9894614382, 9944545537
Email: kareemkutty2009@gmail.com

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